1, Audi

Remove the instrument at the time of installation. Both the key door line and the steering line can be found. Steering line Green and black bars can be found on the meter's line. It can be found under the seat of the insurance seat. The hollow lock belongs to the pneumatic lock, green blue line, and the position is found on the line towards the driver's door. If you control the rear box, you need to add a hollow lock. The door switch line is connected from the switch.

If the anti-theft device is installed, the induction wire is wound on the four high-voltage lines. If the generator is tested positively, it is necessary to modify the negative charge of the oil sensor and add a breaker to convert it. This is due to the generator's positive voltage of 1.5V, which is too small.

Another method of installation is to remove the guard plate and find the key door line on the big line.

2, Fu Kang

     If you haven't installed it, it's a little harder. His line color is uniform and it is hard to find. Remove the guard plate under the steering wheel, and look for the (large plug) on the inside of the plug fixed in the left side of the insurance. The steering line, the door edge line, and the brake light line can all be found. The hollow lock line can be found above the fuse holder: two orange thin lines. The

If loading is started: The positive generator detection needs to use the oil sensor and the breaker is switched over (positive power) This is because the generator is supplying positive power on the ACC line.

3, Guangzhou Honda

    Before the 03 model, the steering line can be found under the steering switch: it is generally a green line. The hollow lock line is found on the right side. Open the side cover of the instrument panel and look for it from the big plug. This line leads to the right front door. Its rear box line can be found behind the insurance: white red bar thick line. The edge of the door is connected from the ceiling light, and the front triggers. The 04 hollow line is two orange thin lines, which can be found under the A-pillar.

4, Santana 2000

     The old 2000 door lock control line needs to add a hollow lock. The steering line is under the switch: green black bar and green white bar. Later rookies, the door lock control line is a single-line trigger: the red line leads to the driver's door, the negative charge locks the door, and the disconnection is the open door. In the anti-theft device, open the door normally open, lock the door normally closed.

5, Passat B5

     The steering line can be found below the A-pillar: green bars and green bars. Its hollow lock line needs to open the door to find the hollow line and the door line. Hollow line: red hamstring and red

Color green, brown on the door Its trunk must not be locked, because it is together with the hollow lock, the trunk is locked when the door is locked, and the trunk is open when the door is opened.

6, Pajero

3400 fire white and blue, ON black, hollow blue and red blue stripes. If you install the anti-theft device with a boot, you may not start after the digging, the reason for the two car ignition

The line must have electricity at the time of start-up. Adding a relay can give another electricity at start-up.

8, Buick

Negative trigger. At the door (car blue and white, yellow wagon) turn to light blue and blue (you can also pick up the lights). Hollow red black and orange black. Hollow and door line door seams in the skin.

The edge of the door cannot be connected to the light, which can easily lead to failure to lock the door and false alarm

9, China

The lock wire is a negative trigger of the potential, the control line is orange, the negative signal is locked, and a resistor (200 ohm resistor) is needed to open the door and connected to the control line

10. Palio

Turn pink and white strips. Hollow lock control lines blue bars and green bars (under the triangle). ACC blue and white bars. The door line is brown and black. It should be noted that after the anti-theft device is installed, the alarm is started after entering the anti-theft device for a few seconds. The reason is that the door line has a voltage of about 3 V after closing the door. Add a relay. If there is no hollow lock to be installed, the cylinder needs to be removed when it is installed, and it cannot be fixed on the lock cylinder. A 1 cm wide iron bar is fixed on the lock, and the other end is fixed with one eye to fix the hollow lock lever. can.

11, Hainan Mazda

ON Blue turns black and black and white. Blue and black Toyota Vios turned to green yellow and green black. Controls gray and green black. Red basket near the door

12, Accent

Trigger Mode: Single-wire series negative trigger (in accordance with the "Jetta connection" on the iron general instructions) Trigger line: Fine blue / black (in the triangle, blue socket can be found!)

Turn lights: Blue Green (found in the threshold harness!) Top light line: Blue (only three wires above the fuse holder are found on the plug, and some are delayed, but the lock is turned off)

+12: Blue ACC: Yellow (underneath the fork key) Blue plug wire on the door foot pedal

13, Bora

Hollow green red and blue yellow bars. The door line brown. According to the need to remove the door when installing, and Passat, it is recommended to disconnect the start line or not add an electric device when loading, this is because the original car key has a chip code.

14, Dongfeng popular bread

ON black bars. Start black and yellow. Turn red green and green light green. Red green bar near the door. Hollow negative trigger red green and white green.

15, Crown 3.0

Black Red Strip 12V Start Black White Strip Ignite black yellow strip turns to green yellow strip and green black strip. Hollow Black Red Strip and Black Yellow Strip Red Black Strip Red Reserve White Strip

16, pineapple

One-way negative trigger blue white bar ON. Turn dark green and black and white. Lock line blue white plus resistance, belonging to negative potential trigger, add one (1K resistor). The door is brown and yellow. If there is no hollow need for retrofitting, the front two doors of the glass need to be removed, the aluminum lining removed to fix the hollow lock, loading method and other cars, be careful when removing and disassembling; the door can be removed by removing the door locked.

 17, Fit

Yellow and black ignition. Start Black and White. Steering: Green/Yellow Green/Red ACC: White/Red Door Side: Green/Red (2 wire plug) Central Control: Main Door Out Line Yellow White/Black (Positive Power Loop) If you want to add

Two trebles can be connected to the front left: green/black light blue Right: green/yellow yellow. Can use the switch in series, but this car owner's door is a two-wire control. Alarm control wiring yellow, yellow and black were connected to the main

Motor control line. Cut the negative line to the main motor. Connect the black and white to the head of the host. Connect the orange to the main motor and connect the white and orange black. Without opening the door, the line leads to the plug of the main door under the steering wheel

18. American Mercury

Negative trigger turn red, green and red white ON white red

19, Audi A6

According to the upgrade King: There is a positive charge when the door is unlocked. When the door is opened, there are two wires that are positive and one of them has a short charge time. The door line is also.

20. Jetta

White and yellow are that the hollow lock wire is negative when it is not working, and it only works if the key is turned on. The solution is to disconnect the two lines, the anti-theft device is connected to positive and negative trigger, the negative electricity is connected to the negative end of the white and yellow disconnected; the 03 is the single-wire trigger disconnection is to lock the door, the negative trigger is to open the door. Find the line on the left side of the controller.

21, love Geely

Permanent fire red and black, start black hundred, ACC blue, turn green white, hollow black yellow and black red.

22, Dongfeng Elysee

Start line, red line ACC hollow lock brown and gray

23. Lengthen Red Flag Century Star

Turn black and black and green, black and yellow on the door, lock the brown and blue bars in the middle. The brown red strip is a hollow negative line.

24, Caramel 2.4

Hollow line blue yellow, blue ACC ON black and red Directional light: blue yellow, green black Door line: red and black Brakes: green and white

25, Kia thousand horses

Turn green and black bars, turn black bars off, ACC blue, hollow lock yellow and Nissan Maxima (97 years) Central locking line: Light yellow gray/red ACC ON: Black white Directional light: Pink/Blue Pink / Black door light: Brown brake wire: Yellow/Black

26, Fengshen Bluebird

The original car has a remote control, the host can remove the shield in the direction of the bottom can find the original car remote control host, install the security directly in this host can be wired.

27. Deputy Carnival

There is a car without a central control lock. When it is installed, the lock cylinder needs to be removed. The basic method is the same as Palio. It needs to find a piece of iron to fix it.


Hollow locks: brown red strips and brown white strips. Can be found on the line leading to the four doors. The door line is grey. Steering line black green bar and black bar.

29. Hafei Racing

Turn lights (red, blue and red and green) and the door edge is relatively easy to find, then pay attention to the central control lock is not to use positive electricity to try to distinguish between the plug to the inside of the door, other plugs can not easily try. Can be connected to positive and negative trigger, directly connected to the car's central control lock motor. The driver's door of the original car was cut off, the trigger wire was connected to the motor, and the negative electrode was connected to the other end of the cut.

30. Modern Tucson

Negative trigger; door lock line: Remove the three plates of the triangular blue relays by removing the panel under the steering wheel. The front and rear left ones are the locking and unlocking lines (whether it is locked or unlocked) I forgot).

Directional light: This line is for everyone to find at the steering wheel. Don't look in the main line below. It doesn't seem to be there (I didn't find it. The door light line is on the door and is triggering. If there is no side door in the anti-theft device, it will trigger. The relay in the anti-theft device will turn (green line grounded, another green line is connected to the anti-theft device and the side door is negatively triggered, the white is to the original car side door, and the yellow grid is being triggered).

31, Peugeot 307

1 Steering line: brown and red, central locking line orange and gray (motor line), the door switch line is blue, but just beginning to install, you need to remove the door, the door lock line is used to trigger positive and negative, the negative electrode received Disconnect the inner side of the door motor cable; you can also use positive power back; remove the central control box, there is a point inside, use negative trigger to control the glass rise, there is a solder joint in the right bottom of the central control box is Hollow, it is. Find it and then you know what to do.

2 talk about the first lock line; first open the main door panel, the lock line has six "green, white, blue, gray, brown, green yellow" green and white is the motor line, blue is the door line, green and yellow is negative Gray is the door lock open signal, the important thing is this brown line, and only when the green yellow off when it is negative, it added a relay, then think of relays can also be omitted. There is a turn, and after the "Brown and Blue" was cut at the left door, only the back light was turned on. Later, I had to pick up two parallel wires from the front. (The installation of the iron general's anti-theft device is not equipped with a relay. The yellow and black of the line are connected, and the orange and black are disconnected, and the white and black are connected to the signal gray. The green and yellow are disconnected, the orange is on the side of the lock, the yellow is on the other side, and the white is on the signal brown).

32, Excelle

The steering wheel below the steering wheel can be found: two dark blue lines. The central control line can be found in the wiring harness leading to the door: green white and yellow.

33, Ruifeng

Wagon: The fire is red, turning green and green white. Start is white. The gray and blue locks are controlled, and the doors are yellow and black. The ACC is blue. Central control line behind the relay

34, Audi A6

Hollow line: Zong Huanglan, Zonghuang Directional light: black and white, black and green Door side: greenish yellow (negative trigger)

35. Toyota Vios

Hollow line: black, red, blue and yellow ACC ON black Directional light: green yellow, green black second line red and white Kill line: green white Anti-theft negative trigger: the cab left cover there, you can also wire the door switch there. Two gray striped. Side door: white red, four-door bus, turn signal: green brown, one in the driver's cab cover, one in the driver's seat.

36. Toyota RAV4

Hollow line: Blue Yellow, Blue Orange ACC ON: Black Directional light Green Black, Green Blue Door side: Red and white Brakes: Green and white

37, Caramel 2.4

Hollow line blue yellow, blue ACC ON black and red Directional light: blue yellow, green black Door line: red and black Brakes: green and white

38, Honda Fit

Positive trigger line is green and purple Fit Steering: Green/Yellow/Green/Red ACC: White/Red Door side: Green/Red (2 wire plug) Central control: Main door out Line Yellow White/Black (Positive power loop) If you want Add two trebles to the front left: green/black light blue Right: green/yellow yellow. You can use the switch in series, but this car owner's door is a two-wire control. The anti-theft device's central control wiring yellow, yellow and black are connected to the main motor control line. Cut the negative line to the main motor. Connect the black and white to the head of the host. Connect the orange to the main motor and connect the white and orange black. Without opening the door, the line passes under the steering wheel to the main door's plug. Simpler

39, Saina

Hollow lock wire can be used to control the original car's driver's door, door line (powder) color, and the installation of 5-wire hollow lock door door line can be broken. Green Black ACC Blue

40. Honda New Accord

Power supply Pure white Ignition lock .ON oil line yellow green stripe Left front door side harness,brake light white black strip Ibid ,turn light red strip blue strip ibid pure brown .Cover

Yellow green strip above, audio ACC yellow red strip sound after the sound speaker brown black strip ibid red bottom green `lock door pink blue strip left side of the insurance (negative trigger) open lock pink green with the door magnetic green white pure Green. Light green red. Green yellow. Blue black (Beside the insurance on the left, a total of five door magnet wires should be added to each wire)

41 Buick Sedan

Power Red white strips, lock the door Black bars on the red bottom, the left side of the central controller unlocks the door, and the black bars on the orange bottom are the same as the gates on the magnetic blue white strips Ibid. Tail caps Dark brown Same as above

Turn lights green. Blue direction column yellow. Gray Same as above Audio ACC Yellow Audio Rear Speaker Green Light Green Road

42, Honda CRV

Door lock trigger motor wire: Yellow (on) Yellow/black (off) Remote trigger: White/blue (on) White/green (off) Thin line, both lines can be found in the left socket

Directional light: green/red/green/yellow right side insurance seat can be found ACC ON: black/yellow thin line +12: white right side insurance seat can find ceiling light line: green/red gray socket can find the brake line: white/black right insurance seat Can be found

43, Honda 2.4 Honda 3.0

Door lock trigger motor wire: yellow/green (on) yellow/black (off) can be found in the green socket next to the safety seat Remote trigger: pink/blue (on) pink/black (off)

Directional light can be found in the left green socket: Brown/blue can be found in the left door border ACC ON: Black/red insurance can be found in the green socket next to the +12: White insurance seat can be found in the green socket Top light line: Green/red can find the brake line on the left front post: White/black left door can be found in the cable tie

44, Hyundai Elantra

Door lock trigger motor wire: green (on) gray (off) direction light: yellow yellow/orange ' ACC ON: yellow/red +12: red dome light wire: yellow brake wire: white

45, Audi A6